Commissioning is the integrated application of techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test each operational component of systems, from single functions, as instrumentations and equipment, to complex ones like logics, modules, subsystems and complete systems.The objective of Commissioning is a smooth and secure start-up of plants, ensuring the operational activity in terms of performance, reliability, safety and traceability of information. Commissioning is a key factor to accomplish the project’s finalities.


GlobChem Service International takes over plants at the end of the construction phase and enables them to the Operation. GlobChem’s engineers lead and manage the Commissioning and Start-Up phases ensuring that operations are completed and implemented according to the schedule, documenting and certifying activities as foreseen in the approved procedures.

GlobChem :

  • Monitors the mechanical completion filling-in check-lists
  • Guarantees that commissioning/start- up activities are implemented following the planned sequence and the approved schedule
  • Monitors and manages the Vendors’ activities
  • Certifies the start- up/implementation of the systems
  • Hands over systems to operation.