Globchem Service International, thanks to its long-standing experience, offers other additional services like:

GlobChem Service International performs hydraulic tests of plants in accordance with the project’s technical requirements.

GlobChem supplies:

  • Engineering
  • Supervision
  • Medium and high pressure pumps
  • Auxiliary boilers
  • Quick fastening hoses and valves.

GlobChem Service International provides qualified personnel during Commissioning, Start-Up and Operations in Power Stations, Refineries, Chemical and Extraction Plants.

We also perform tailor-made on-site training.

Globchem Service International supplies operating and process manuals and procedures to a wide range of industries.

  • GlobChem Service International rents equipment and materials for any kind of activity during start up and maintenance of industrial plants.

    GlobChem can provide:

    • Electric pumps of various flow and pressure rates for water and oil
    • Auxiliary Boilers
    • Temporary Tanks for water and waste of 50 m3, 250 m3, 500 m3  e 1000 m3
    • Reinforced flanged hoses of various sizes
    • Silencers and valves for steam and air blowing
    • Portable R.O. Unit
    • Filters Units
    • Oil Flushing Units
    • Qick opening valves
    • Portable Lab
    • Flow meter, Pitot tube, ecc., for flow rates measurement
    • Corrosion meters and lab instrumentation
    • Absorbers and Pneumatic Target Inserter

GlobChem Service International designs its operations in accordance to local legislation and available infrastructures.

The disposal methods used are:

  • Evaporation
  • Combustion
  • Processing within the system 
  • Transport and disposal

All systems are carefully studied and evaluated to design the cheapest and most environment-friendly solution.